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Client Testimonials

Real Testimonials

Thank you to our clients who took the time to give us feedback on their experiences at Bronson Family Dentistry. If you’d like to provide us with a testimonial, please contact us.

Eleanor P.

Dear Dr. Bronson,
For helping me create a new & healthier life – I thank you.
For enriching my life – I thank you.
For adding ``breath`` to all I do – I thank you.
For my increased energy – I thank you.
For chasing the demons away – I thank you.
You are a miracle maker! I am so blessed our paths have crossed.
For your warmth, generosity + skill sharing I am most grateful.

Damon B.

The clients here appear to be long time clients--they have been coming to this dental office for years, their kids come, etc. It's the most family oriented practice I've ever seen in a city like DC where everything can be so impersonal...
I feel lucky to have it here in DC.

Eric S.

I and my family have been going for a number of years. Does invisalign, crowns, caps. Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Bronson is friendly and approachable - explains what he is doing and provides options for care.

Ron C.

Dear Dr. Bronson:
Since Marilyn is coming in to see you, I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work in putting in my crown. It is not often that I write letters to dentists, but I am really pleased with how prompt you are, how efficiently you work, how everything snaps into place and how perfect my mouth feels afterwards.
It seems like it is that way on every visit to your office.
At my age, there isn’t much that feels perfect. So I would just like to say thank you before I have a senior’s moment and forget why I am writing.

Mary Ann L.

Dr. Bronson,
Stephen has celiac. Had you not caught Stephen’s lack of mouth growth and worn joint (TMJ), I would not have pursued celiac testing with Dr. Martha White. Those facts helped me piece this together, and Dr. White listened! What is frightening is how common celiac is in American donated blood. (1:250).
We are forever grateful for your thorough evaluation.

Lillian H.

As this year draws to a close, I’m taking time to reflect on the year just passed. Surely one of the biggest blessings and surprises has been the results achieved from the work you are doing with my jaw and teeth.
When I think back to August 2006, and even before, when you were laying out the plan and started the work to align my jaws and teeth, or maybe it’s align my teeth to fix my terrible jaws, I was a little bit skeptical about how successful the efforts would be. Afterall, I was 62 years old and figured the time for “fixing” something that has been broken most of my life did not seem like a real possibility. But I was hopeful and eager for any improvement.
As I explained in my initial consultation, I suffered with chronic headaches from my TMJ and seriously injured cervical spine (three herniated discs), which was the result of a whiplash injury when I was in tenth grade. I lived with headaches daily and for more than 30 years took prescription medication to manage my life with headaches. I also had to use cervical traction daily for more than 13 years to help manage the pain. Starting in 1998, Chiropractic care did a great deal to improve the headache pain— the frequency, the severity, and the need for prescription medication— but it did not eliminate them.
However, sometime during this year I realized, I cannot tell you exactly when, I stopped having headaches!! This is a major miracle and milestone in my life. I don’t even have Excedrin in my purse of medicine cabinet!
How grateful I am. I thank God for you, your knowledge and skills to do what you have to move my teeth and jaws, and your willingness to always explain, clearly, what you were doing and answer my many questions along the way. How I wish you could have treated me years ago, however, the technology was probably not available, and I might not have been as receptive to trying the protocol. I know we still have a way to go before the treatment is completed, but I am confident that the results will give me a quality of life that I could not have imagined before entering into your care. If you have other patients who would like to hear of my experience, I would be happy to talk to them.
May God continue to bless you and your family and guide you to continued success in helping other patients like me.